Seasonal Booth/Concession Convenor

Seasonal Booth/Concession Convenor

Deadline: August 1,2024

Recreation is run jointly with the Town of Eston and the RM of Snipe Lake No.259.

We are seeking proposals from qualified individual to serve as the Seasonal Booth/Concession Convenor for our upcoming winter season. The successful candidate will
be responsible for overseeing the booth operation, management, and coordination of volunteer booth workers/groups and vendors during various activities and events.

This is a full time seasonal position and as an employee of the Town of Eston would qualify for benefits and pension package.

The Seasonal Booth/Concession Convenor will be responsible for but not limited to:
1. Day-to-Day Operations:
• Ensuring successful opening and closing procedures.
• Preparing supplies (e.g., candy bags, pop machine) and ensuring everything is in working
• Managing inventory and ordering necessary items.

2. Vendor Ordering/Management:
• Coordinating with vendors to order supplies.
• Establishing contracts with vendors, including terms, fees, delivery dates, and expectations.

3. Event/Complex Coordination:
• Work closely with Recreation Director to ensure smooth scheduling of activities and
events effectively.

4. Customer Service:
• Provide excellent customer service to customers, vendors and other staff addressing any
concerns or issues that may arise before, during, or after events.

5. Financial / Budget Management:
• Collecting and reconciling booth sales revenue, then submitting it to the Town of Eston
• Implementing processes to manage shrinkage and minimize loss.

6. Compliance:
• Ensure compliance with relevant health, safety, and sanitation regulations.

Proposals should be submitted; email to, dropped off at the Town Office (111 4th Ave SE)
Mail to Box 757 Eston SK