Feature Business – Eston College

Feature Business September 2016

Eston College

701 1st Street SE – 306-962-3621 – www.estoncollege.ca


September is well known as the start of the school season, so what better time to feature our very own center for higher education? Economic Development is proud to present our September feature business – Eston College!

Founded in 1944 by GS McLean, Eston College is a Pentecostal/Evangelical faith based school offering programs in Biblical studies. Originally known as the Full Gospel Bible Institute, the school was started as a place to encourage spiritual growth in post-secondary students and to prepare them for ministry. Land donated right in Eston made for the perfect location to start the school. As the years went on, the Full Gospel Bible Institute made some changes to best serve their students. Accreditation meant programs were recognized by many other post-secondary schools. A name change allowed the school to demonstrate the pride that they felt for the community of Eston. 


Fast forward to 2016, the 99 students enrolled have a variety of educational paths that they can take including music, outreach, social justice and missions. They also have a choice in the length of program – from a one-year Certificate to a full four-year Degree – there is something for students of all levels. Students have the opportunity to take studies at Eston College before continuing on to career specified education. Former students from Eston College can be found working in health care, education, social work and of course, ministry. Eston College has a wide variety of alumni, including many who started as ESL students from other countries.


For our community, the return of the students to the dorms of Eston College is an exciting time. With an education that is enriched with service, the students make themselves well known with their gifts of time and talent. The school fully believes in giving where they live, and encourages their students to start serving right here in Eston. However, they don’t stop at our boarders. A tour of the campus shows just how far the faith can travel – pictures of mission trips near and far adorn many of the walls. In fact the College itself serves our community with annual events such as the music festival. It comes as no surprise that many alumni continue to volunteer and serve the areas that they live, including Eston. 

Tucked onto a quiet side street near Jaimeson Park, Eston College’s traditional exterior belies the creativity and excitement bustling just inside those doors. The more you delve into the school, the more you realize just how much more there is than meets the eye. A faith based, accredited College, right at home is just the beginning. Creativity is celebrated, with each class year adding art and scriptures around the campus. There is a certain energy within the school – even before doors have opened for the semester. Eston College, we are so thankful for your energy and service that you bring to our community