Green Space

Eston is well known for the many great parks within the community. 

Centennial Park

The Centennial Park is located on Main Street. This park was built 2016, the year Eston celebrated its Centennial.

Henry Hamilton Park

The Henry Hamilton Park is located in the centre of Eston and is the home to the Stay & Play Playground.

Jamieson Park

Jamieson Park boasts a beautiful water pond and fountain, walking track and disk golf course sponsored by the Eston Lions Club. It also neighbours the Eston Prairie West Historical Society.

Eston Riverside Regional Park

The Eston Riverside Regional Park is located to the South of Eston, in the RM of Snipe Lake No. 259. The park boasts camping facilities, park, pool and 9 hole golf course. To find out more about the Eston Riverside Regional Park, visit their website or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

Communities In Bloom

Eston has an active Communities in Bloom committee.

In 2019 Eston once again placed 1st place in its category with 4 blooms!

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