Water & Sewer

Water Bills

Many of our residents have noticed a $10 fee increase that was added to the utility bills. This new fee was implemented by Town Council and is intended to establish a fund for necessary upgrades to the Water Treatment Plant. 

In 2018, an approval in principle was received for the Rural 44 water pipeline project which will provide water to many rural subscribers. The Town of Eston will be the supplier of the treated water that Rural 44 will distribute. The Town is able to participate with several other municipal partners including the RM of Snipe Lake, and thus be eligible for matched federal and provincial funding.

The direct benefit to the Town’s water treatment plant will be increased capacity, a new filtration system, and automation of many functions which currently requires a manual operator.

The Town’s share in this project will be $2 million. The water treatment plant does need an upgrade, and without the Building Canada Fund participation, on our own would cost $4 million in todays value. Other benefits include a new long-term customer in Rural 44 water recipients, less reliance on the oil and gas water sales (which vary upon the current activity and demand), as well as increase the capacity to obtain and treat water which will decrease the potential need for water restrictions. If for some reason the Rural 44 project does not go ahead as planned, the Town will still use the money in the new fund for upgrades to the plant.

Recognizing that this is a large commitment for our town, we are pleased that this opportunity to cooperate with the Rural 44 project will put us in a good position for the future. 

Monthly Utility Bills

Utility bills are issued monthly and include water, sewer and environmental charges. Meters are read monthly and charges are based on level of consumption. In cases where the meter is unable to send the data and the Town unable to read the account will be estimated.

The environmental fee covers garbage, recycle and landfill operations. There is a 2% penalty on late payments. Utilities are always listed in the home owner’s name but can be set up to be mailed to a tenant.

Utility bills can be paid by mail, at the Town Office credit/debit/cheque, by phone with credit card, or through internet banking with certain banking institutions.

NEW, we are now accepting e-transfer.

Automated Water Meter Reading

In late 2019 installations of remote water meter reading equipment began.  This project will see specialized equipment added onto the physical water meter in each serviced property in Eston.  Some water meters will also be upgraded during this process. 

The Badger remote water meter reading system allows our public works and administration staff to remotely monitor usage and take meter readings.  This will eliminate the need for physical meter reads or estimated readings for billing.  It also gives the property owner or tenant the ability to track their own usage and be alerted if a leak is detected through the Eye on Water website or the app on compatible devices.  Property owners will receive a letter with directions on this process after the equipment has been installed in their property.


Please contact the Town Office at (306)962-4444 or contact@eston.ca with any questions.

Water and Sewer Rates

Item Classification/Type Charges 
Connection Fee Seasonal Disconnect/Reconnect  $50.00 Flat Rate
  After Hours Additional $50.00 per Hour
Meter Deposit For a water line up to 1″ $50.00 Refundable
  For a water line over 1″ $150.00 Refundable
  Meter Testing $50.00 Refundable
Water Consumption Rate Treated $18.00 per 1,000 gallons
  Raw $13.00 per 1,000 gallons
  Town Water Stand $22.00 per 1,000 gallons
  Commercial Bulk Treated  $6.50 per cubic metre
Infrastructure Fee (Water & Sewer) Commercial, Industrial and Institutional $57.00 per month
  Residential $35.00 per month
  Residential Water or Sewer Only $17.00 per month
  Commercial Water or Sewer Only $28.50 per month

Sewer Lining Project

Our sewer lining project started in 2017 and we are happy to report that as of 2020, it is 75% completed. This project fixes the deterioration of our old sewer lines, as they have past their life span. The new sewer lining extends our sewer lines by 100 years. 

This project is being completed by a company called New Line Trenchless Technologies. New Line gave us a video of how our sewer lines have deteriorated. The first part of the video shows part of our sewer lines in good condition, and the second part of the video (at about minute 1:26 and at 3:22) is some of the deterioration that has happened. This shows just how vital this project is for our towns infrastructure and how it needs to be completed soon.

Treated Water Fill Station (FOB-Coin)

A treated water fill station is available at 2nd St NW. The water stand is both FOB and coin operated, accepts loonies and toonies.

FOB’s can be purchased at Town of Eston $25 annual subscription and will be billed out yearly.

Money for water must be pre-loaded on the fobs. Once purchased, you will receive an email with the information on the fill and remaining balance on the fob.

Fobs can be loaded over the phone via credit card – please call 306-962-4444 during business hours.

These FOB’s will only work at the Town of Eston water fill station.

The rates is $22 per 1000 Gallons.

Watery Advisory Information

Operating a public eating establishment or food processing facility during a PDWA or EBWO

Precautions for all households during a PDWA or EBWO

Precautions for Public Facilities during a PDWA or EBWO

Procedures for Flushing Water Systems After a PDWA or EBWO

Drinking Water Quality & Compliance Reports

2022 Drinking Water & Compliance Report

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2020 Drinking Water & Compliance Report

2019 Drinking Water & Compliance Report

2017 Drinking Water & Compliance Report

2016 Drinking Water & Compliance Report

Annual Waterworks Information & Financial Overview

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