Feature Business – HES

Economic Development is proud to present our Feature business of February 2016… HES Manufacturing!

Comfortably nestled just off Highway 44 in the R. M. of Snipe Lake No. 259, is an impressive facility known as HES Manufacturing. HES was started by owner/operator Jeremy Hartsook in 2005. At that time, he was 21 years old, had a single friend working for him, and had the confidence of youth to back him up. The pair started with 2-piece steel floors. As the demand for the product grew, so did the facilities and offerings from HES. 2-piece steel floors transitioned into one piece. One employee grew to three. Hartsook was prairie proud and built his company right there on the farm, with farmers in mind. His passion to succeed was well supported by his hometown, and the local success gave Jeremy the confidence to approach distributors in person. This method has proven to be successful; HES has developed a thriving business relationship with the Federated Co-op based out of Saskatoon.

Meeting with Mr. Hartsook was an experience to be remembered. His passion for business is rivaled only by his passion for his family and his community. He is quick to give kudos to mentors such as his father, Larry Hartsook, and close friend, Bob Mullock. He also raved about his crew of nine, and credits them for being passionate about their work and keeping him on his toes with their determination to be the best. A tour of the HES warehouse showed the workspace of a very eclectic crew. Hartsook, like a proud father, raved about the production advancements that have taken place in his facilities. He took the time to explain the equipment in layman’s terms, to describe why things were done the way they were done, and to share his enthusiasm for growth in manufacturing in Saskatchewan. He let us know that Eston in particular has opportunity galore for new entrepreneurs to come into the area due to affordable commercial space, local employees and the sheer desire to grow our community. Our conversation was easy, and our host was friendly and knowledgeable.

Many years have passed since Hartsook first started his business and the details of his empire have changed along with the execution. His relationship with Federated Co-op has allowed him access to buyers all over the prairie provinces. With a year round crew that swells as high as 14 his manufacturing process has expanded to include hopper bottoms and aeration systems. What was once a single building on a farm yard is now an all encompassing business including two paint/finishing shops – one in progress, an assembly building, a huge office building, and his home. HES has also developed a very public media presence, and has been able to give back to his hometown as the years have gone by. Most recently, HES sponsored the August Long Weekend celebrations at the Eston Regional Riverside Park. Speaking fondly of his wife and growing boys, he expressed that he isn’t? as risky with business as he was as a 21-year-old kid. Now he has something to come home to, and it is worth being cautious for. Throughout the interview, family and community were key themes brought up. It makes perfect sense coming from a man who named his first business after his hometown (HES = Hartsook Eston Saskatchewan). Eston should be extremely proud of the public ambassador that we have in local success story HES Manufacturing.


Full name of owner being featured: Jeremy Hartsook

Type of business: Maufacturing

Address: RM of Snipe Lake No. 259

Website: http://www.hesmfg.com/

Business Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/HES-Manufacturing998938566830279/

Business Twitter account: @hesmfg