Feature Business – Wyle Coyote Welding

Feature Business June 2016

Wyle Coyote Welding


For those of us who live and work right inside the Town of Eston, we sometimes miss out on some great RM businesses who have been serving our farm neighbors for years. Wyle Coyote Welding, owned by Brandon and Kylie Lorenzen, is one of those businesses. Economic Development had the pleasure of sitting down with this young power couple for an interview this spring, and we are excited to share with you what they bring to our community.


Brandon Lorenzen has been into welding since he was little. Raised on a farm near the Tyner area, he saw first-hand what a breakdown can do to production. Welding is a skill that will always be in demand, and it is work that allows creativity, too. His Dad encouraged him to continue his education and bring what he learned back to the farm, and that’s exactly what Brandon did. With over a dozen years’ experience – dating back to his high school days – Brandon is now a Journeyman welder who has trained in Elrose and Swift Current. Fixing and creating custom welding projects keeps the company busy year round, but spring and summer are particularly busy as Brandon also farms.

While Kylie also has a full time job as a teacher at Eston Composite School, she is also involved in the family business. Besides being an excellent brand ambassador, Kylie shared her ambitions towards growing the online presence of the company. Already doing most of their advertising on websites such as Kijiji, Wyle Coyote Welding has used the internet to reach customers as far away as Ontario. Seeing the potential in this country wide market, Kylie was touted as the tech expert of their team. Stay tuned for more details on the company’s upcoming web and social media contacts.


Wyle Coyote Welding is a business that has boomed since its inception 5 years ago. Starting small, with mostly farm jobs, word of mouth has helped their business boom. At Eston’s last Trade Show, public support was exceptional and definitely increased business. Most recently you can find projects such as cattle equipment, sea can shelves, fence posts and stainless steel countertops being made in the shop. In addition, Brandon is not one to shy away from custom work. You might recognize his work around town – the railings at the new Centennial Park were a custom made project. Currently Wyle Coyote has one employee, but over the next year they are looking to add another 3-4 full time positions. Brandon was proud to share that as a journeyman welder, he is able to take on apprentices and share the trade that he loves with those up and coming in our community. In a Town our size, to see job growth of one position a year is great – we are so impressed with Wyle Coyote Welding for taking their local success and turning it into great jobs right here at home.