Meet the Candidates

A note from our moderator

Dear citizens of Eston,

It is an election year.  The Town of Eston itself has an overwhelming turnout of candidates running for both council and mayor.  It very exciting to see so many people putting their names forward in hopes to have a chance to serve their community!

Although, I myself, do not have a vote in this election.  Without a vote, I view myself as impartial and able to create an even platform for the candidates.  I have a keen interest in the future of our community.  As a business owner I have employees living right in the town of Eston.  We also enjoy supporting community initiatives.

In the absence of journalism in our small community, I prepared a “Meet the Candidate” survey including an introduction to the candidate and 3 questions too help inform potential voters.  The Town of Eston agreed to help with communicating with the candidates and to, in the end, post the information online and as a mail drop so all of the members of our community could have the chance to meet our candidates.

The following is the survey that each of the candidates participated in filling out: 

Introduce yourself: (ie Where you are from/grew up, what you do for a living, how many years you’ve lived in Eston)


  1. Growth and Sustainability are two positive targets for rural communities. What split would you give them and why? (ie 60% growth – 40% Sustainability)
  2. In your opinion, would continued education and training for town staff lead to efficiency gains and/or savings?
    (ie Town equipment can be maintained and repaired in house by crew members that have proper training)

  3. Infrastructure requires constant upkeep and spending. Whether it be repair or replace, what should the process look like?

(ie Diagnose, discuss, cost analysis, decision)


Thank-you to all the candidates for participating!  I hope that the voters of Eston elect a strong team to carry Eston forward!



Jeremy Hartsook
HES Manufacturing    


Our candidates answers (in alphabetical order)

(click on each individual name)


Hartsook, Brynn

Irwin, Duke

Keeler, Garnet

Knight, Bradley

Massey, Dallas

McIvor, Lilah

McLeod, Tim

Mohan, Kevin

Morrice, Darcy

Mullock, Bob

Perry, Teri

Poulter, Avery

Price, Ian

Toner, Matthew

Unrau, James

Ward, Lenard



Derbawka-Stevenson, Barb

Goheen, Glenn